Sewing Tools

The sewing projects available in Sew Easy, Please! require a number of basic tools. These essential tools listed below are affordable, easy to obtain and can be utilized many times.

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Machine Needles: These needles are essential to sew anything with your sewing machine. A pack of needles are included with your machine or can be purchased at your local fabric store. When choosing a machine needle, a size 11 or 14 needle works the best with most fabrics.

Sewing Hand Needles: These needles are used for hand sewing and have a hole at the top to insert the thread. Hand needles come in a variety of thicknesses and can be purchased at fabric and dollar stores.

Bobbins: Bobbins are a cylinder spindle used to hold thread. They are typically used to thread a sewing machine.

Pins: Pins are used to hold fabric together. I recommend using coloured head pins to make it easier to identify (especially when pins fall on the floor!).

Pin Cushion: Used to hold pins and needles.

Scissors: Used to cut thread.

Shears: These sharp fabric scissors are used to cut fabric and to ensure fabric is cut smoothly and evenly. Using shears create less frustration when dealing with fabric.

Pinking Shears: These zig zag fabric scissors are used like shears. They are often used to limit fabric from fraying.

Seam Ripper: Seam rippers are incredibly handy for people prone to sewing mistakes (like me)! This tool is used to rip stitches by using the pointed end to cut stitches.

How To Seam Rip

Measuring Tape: This bendable string is used to measure the length and width of an item. This is essential to ensure fabric lengths are even!

Marking Pencils: These chalk pencils are used to mark places on the fabric. White pencils are recommended. If you make a mistake on the fabric, the marks can be easily removed by rubbing it off the fabric with your fingers or washing the fabric.

All of these items can be found in your local fabric store. For cheaper alternatives, most of these items can also be found in department stores, dollar stores and grocery stores.



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